People love this incredibly snarky TV listing for the Tory leadership debate
Tim Anderson/Channel 4/PA Wire/The Guardian

TV listings don’t tend to be the first place people look for a hot political take but these desperate times call for desperate measures.

A seemingly on-the-brink writer at The Guardian both amused and enraged sharp-eyed readers as they perused Sunday night’s entertainment offerings.

Describing Channel 4’s Tory leadership debate, the mysteriously initialled AJC didn’t hold back, writing:

While it's hard to pick a favourite phrase in such a stand-out piece of analysis, "Pandora's Box escapees" is a strong contender.

People were quick to voice their appreciation.

However, for Tory MP James Cleverly, this somehow vindicated Boris Johnson's decision not to appear on the Channel 4 debate alongside every other rival.

But his logic was quickly taken to task.

Mr Cleverly wasn't the only one using the absurd argument.

Given the fuss it's caused, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is the first time the humble TV listings section has been utilised to maximum effect.

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