This deepfake video of Trump as a toddler might be the most hilarious and disturbing thing you see today

Jimmy Kimmel Live/ Dr Fakenstein

Donald Trump's behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic has been bizarre to say the least.

From claiming that unproven drugs and disinfectants can cure the virus, to social media meltdowns and walking out of press briefings at the drop of a hat, the president has given off the vibe of someone that is severely out of his depth.

You could almost say that with the highest Covid-19 death toll in the world on his hands, the president's behaviour is akin to a petulant child who can't get their own way.

This brings us to a video that Jimmy Kimmel released on the latest episode of his chat show which compared the president to a viral video of a little girl lying about touching her dog's food.

Not only did he compare the two he employed the video skills of 'Dr Fakenstein' to splice Trump's head onto the child's body but replaced the parent's audio with someone asking the president about his previous comments on coronavirus.

This hilarious but completely terrifying and disturbing clip has since gone been viewed more than 500,000 times and people don't know whether to laugh or cower in fear.

This is hardly the first time that Trump has been compared to a baby. During his 2018 state visit to the UK a Trump baby blimp flew in the skies of London before being 'stabbed' by a supporter of the president.

However, it was subsequently repaired and went on a US tour before returning to the UK for the president's visit in 2019.

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