‘The Daily Show’ is mocking Trump for having an 'imaginary friend' called Zippy

The Daily Show has started mocking Donald Trump for appearing to have an “imaginary friend” called Zippy.

In a series of recent speeches, Trump has been shouting out someone off-camera called Zippy and it’s not always been clear who he’s talking to.

Trevor Noah’s satirical talk show has now suggested that he’s thanking a “lifelong imaginary friend” for his support…

The show’s writers joked that according to child psychologists:

Imaginary friends are common, and Zippy may help Trump cope in times of stress.

Of course, the president doesn't actually have an imaginary friend.

Despite Trump’s reputation for mistruths, lies and general incoherence, Zippy is a very real person and a pretty important one at that.

Zippy Duvall, who is the president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, apparently got his name from his Caesarean birth.

Brad Haire, from the Southeast Farm Press, wrote in 2015:

He left the hospital with the nickname ‘Zipper.’ Soon after, his mother and father were watching a TV show with someone named ‘Zippy’ in the show. And there you go.

His real birth-name - Vincent Mearl Duvall - is a lot less cuddly.

Earlier this month, Duvall’s unusual nickname gave us this bizarre exchange in the official White House records.

Trump: I would particularly like to recognise Zippy.  Zippy Duvall.  He’s been with us from the beginning.  Zippy?  Zippy?

Duvall:  Hey, Mr President.

Trump:  Where’s my Zippy?  Hi.  Very good.  Thank you for being here.

Duvall:  Thank you.

Trump:  Zippy is always — he’s always — he’s always here trying to make good deals for your folks, right?

Duvall:  Yes, sir.

And even though Zippy is a real person, some commenters are struggling to tell fact from fiction these days…

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