Awkward clip shows reporter being repeatedly talked over by colleagues

Awkward clip shows reporter being repeatedly talked over by colleagues
The Daily Show switches footage of Fox News hosts criticising BLM protesters ...

Footage of an Axios reporter trying to ask a politician a question following a January 6 hearing, but getting repeatedly talked over, is going viral on Twitter.

On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the host showed a montage of the reporter Andrew Solender trying to ask Representative Jamie Raskin (R-MD) questions in their segment "Moments of Zen".

In the montage, a group of journalists, including Solender, try to ask Rep. Raskin questions pertaining to January 6th hearings by talking over one-another.

However, Solender becomes the star of the show as his face turns to a look of defeat when another journalist speaks over him and he's forced to retract his question over and over again.

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On eight different occasions, the journalist's face melts into a frustrated look, resonating with people everywhere who have felt annoyed by other people.

"Screaming," Solender tweeted attaching the video from The Daily Show. "[Hat tip] to Zachary Cohen," Solender added.

With over 125k views and 2k likes, people laughed with Solender as they watched the journalist fight to ask his question. Other journalists empathized with Solender, having understood the struggle.

"I'm dying lololol," CBS News reporter Kathryn Watson responded

"Been there, man." CNBC reporter Eamon Javers wrote.

"I feel this in my bones." Fox 6 News journalist Amanda St. Hilaire quote-tweeted.

"If you've ever wondered by reporters tend to shout at press avails, it's because early in our careers, we were this guy and we learned quickly that if you don't get loud--and keep talking--you get steamrolled," Forbes contributor Mark Joyella wrote.

Even Rep. Raskin jumped in on the joke by saying he thought Solender was actor Michael Cera so he did not take his question. Solender bares a resemblance to Cera.

Hopefully next time, Michael Cera Solender will get an answer to his question.

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