People are losing their minds about crisps and it’s the perfect metaphor for Brexit

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People are getting unbelievably angry about crisps.

Last night, Channel 5 “revealed” the nation’s favourite crisps and the results are the most shocking vote since Brexit.

The list put Walkers, Pringles and Doritos in the top three, while leaving childhood favourites such as Monster Munch and Nik Naks in the poll's bottom half.

As a country of proud crisp lovers, many people were livid to see their favourites were snubbed.

And the UK's "media elite" were surprised to learn that their tastes were not the same as the rest of the country.

Some people were immediately asking questions about the poll’s validity.

How did people vote? Were voters well-informed enough to make the decision? Are we sure there wasn't interference from foreign countries?

It's like Brexit all over again...

More importantly, Mini Cheddars are not even crisps and shouldn’t be included anywhere on the list.

Some crisp connoisseurs went as far as arguing that Pringles shouldn’t even be counted as crisps.

The Pringles debate has already gone to the UK’s High Court, where in 2008 a judge agreed with Pringles’ manufacturer that they were not a crisp and were more like a biscuit or a cake.

But that decision was later overturned at the Court of Appeal, where a judge ruled that Pringles were legally a crisp after all.

Other people wanted to know what happened to their personal favourites.

Today is another dark day for British democracy.

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