Ukrainian shows what a ‘typical day in a bomb shelter’ is like in viral clip

Ukrainian shows what a ‘typical day in a bomb shelter’ is like in viral clip
Crowd of Ukrainian civilians confront Russian soldiers

More and more Ukrainians are taking to TikTok to document their experiences during the Russian invasion and a new video showing the realities of war has gone viral.

A young woman living in the city of Chernihiv to the north of the country has made her own version of the popular ‘day in the life’ videos on the platform to share her experiences of living in a bomb shelter.

User @valerisssh is currently living in an underground shelter with her family as the war continues, and her daily routine makes for fascinating, yet heartbreaking viewing.

The city has been hit by heavy shelling from Russian forces since the invasion began in February.

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The clip sees her begin her day being rather rudely awoken by her father before she shows herself using a heat gun as a hairdryer.

Valerisssh pesters her mum as she cooks, before heading outside and visiting their home for supplies. She also has a bemused dog who doesn’t know what to make of the whole thing.


Living my best life 🥰🥰🥰 Thanks Russia! #ukraine #stopwar #russiastop

Shocking footage of buildings hit by heavy fire also feature in the clip, with the caption: “Check what Putin do to our city.”

The video, which has racked up millions of views and more than two million likes, features the popular TikTok song Che La Luna by Louis Prima.

Chernihiv, like many towns and cities across Ukraine, has been subjected to heavy shelling since the conflict began. As CNN reports, a Russian plane was shot down on the edge of the city over the weekend.

TikTok has been used by many Ukrainians to upload displays of unity and courage over recent days.

Footage filmed showing the bravery of Ukrainians as they marched in protest towards Russian forces while shots were fired recently went viral on the platform.

TikToker Igor Evich (@igorevich_9008) posted the three videos that he has dated between March 2nd-5th, which appear to be in the southern Ukrainian city of Melitopol, that show a group confronting Russian soldiers.

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