Ukrainian woman posting photos of every Russian 'war crime' she sees

Lviv, seen as safe haven in western Ukraine, hit by Russian airstrikes

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, images of devastation continue to be shared by the individuals and journalists on the scene.

For many people, social media has been a medium in which they are able to process their emotions with the Ukraine-Russia war. Whether it be on TikTok or Twitter, they have found solace and a sense of community through the digital space.

Among them is one woman who has been documenting footage of the horrifying actions being done by Vladimir Putin's forces in the hope of it being used as evidence in trials for war crimes.

Nataliya Zubar, who lives in Kharkiv, has taken to social media to post the videos so she can share with the world the atrocities that are occurring.

Although many people have decided to seek refuge elsewhere Zubar made the decision to stay put in order for her to properly document the assaults running rampant in her city.

In one post, she wrote: '#Kharkiv #Ukraine My photo of the day. Destroyed School #35.'

Another post reads, "My Photo of the 18th day of War. Apartment building in Kharkiv.."

Updates on her account appear daily.

Speaking to Newsy about her mission, she said: "If we document it gradually, day by day, Russia will not be able to get out with it. They couldn't deny the crimes.

"Well, they can actually say anything. But if we develop a methodology for gradually documenting the events as they appear today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we may be able to actually have a very solid evidence base."

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