This man has become a local celebrity because he is 50 and 29 inches tall

YouTube / Barcroft TV

Basori Lal Yadav, from India, is 50 years old, and just 29 inches tall.

He's one of the shortest men in the world, according to Barcroft TV.

His family noticed he stopped growing around the age of five, but with neither of his parents still alive, Yadav is looked after by his extended family.

Picture:Picture: YouTube / Barcroft TV

This includes his step sister, Satia Bai, who says she looks after him.

I consider him to be like my child

No one could afford to take Yadav to the doctor so he could be diagnosed by a specialist. His local family doctor says he might have grown a bit taller if he had been able to get specialist help.

His nephew says of Yadav:

He is always nice with everyone in the village. He’s happy. He loves us a lot and we love him too.

I also respect him a lot and feel happy with him. 

You can see the full video here:

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