Stomach-dropping moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel rooms

Stomach-dropping moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel rooms

Stomach-dropping moment man finds hidden corridors in his hotel rooms


A TIkToker has revealed a chilling discovery her partner made in their hotel room.

The video, reportedly uploaded to TikTok by Diana Albers Ramirez starts off unsuspectedly. The footage shows Ramirez's husband giving a video tour of his hotel room.

Initially, everything is what you expect to see in a hotel room: a comfy big bed, a grand circular bathtub, and a wardrobe.

And then her husband makes a frightening discovery.

When opening the second pair of wardrobe doors, at the back of the section is what appears to be another set of doors. Ramirez's husband uses his hotel keycard to prise the doors open.

He finds a small corridor that curls around the room, with another, smaller door behind the first set. And proceeds to open those doors too, even though I'm sure many of us would have been far away from the room at that point.

Behind the second set of doors is another secret corridor, but this time it's darker and and more sinister.

The clip has since gone viral, with many weighing in their opinions on the reason behind the secret corridors.

"Probably more a case where the remodel architecture was designed to specific dimensions so they could order the same materials multiplied by X rooms and leftover space was essentially walled off with some access points," one user wrote.

Another said: "It's literally just sh*tty hotel contractors building a bad design and just walling off the ugly buts and leaving access panels for any future mechanical/crawl space work."

Whilst other said they would not have been in that hotel room as long as Ramirez's husband

One user wrote, "Door behind a door? I'm already at the lobby with all my sh*t checking out."

"The moment I notice a secret door behind a secret door, I'm out that room ASAP," another read.

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