A map of the world according to the average age people lose their virginity

Residents of Brazil lose their virginity at the youngest average age (17.3 years old), according to a survey of 37 countries around the world.

It seems that countries in South East Asia and Oceania are more likely to be older at their first sexual experience, whereas countries in South America are likely to be younger, according to Durex's The Face of Global Sex.

Colombia ranked second youngest behind Brazil, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

Of the countries surveyed Malaysia had the oldest mean age with 23.7 years.

In the UK, 50.2 per cent reported using a condom the first time they had sex. The lowest for this measure was Indonesia with 27.6 per cent reporting they'd used a condom, whereas the highest was Brazil, with 66 per cent.

They may be doing it young, but two thirds are doing it safe.

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