Stop what you're doing and Google 'wankpuffin' right now

You know it's nearly Christmas when that bizarre NSFW joke involving puffins comes to Twitter again.

Tis the season of the 'Wankpuffin'. He/She/It brings glory, goodwill, and satire to us all.

On Christmas Day 2015, we the people were treated to 'Wankpuffin', a term first popularised by composer Nick Harvey on the day of gift giving itself.

Logging onto Twitter after a few minutes conversation with relatives, many were shocked to find #wankpuffin was trending.

Harvey had created a mock wifi username and tweeted this:

The hashtag '#wankpuffin' went viral.

On Friday, Harvey threw down the gauntlet to 2016.

Here's why.


Somehow Donald Trump has made it to the top result.

This is not the first time activists have used Google algorithms to their advantage.

In 2006 the opponents of the homophobic former senator Rick Santorum managed to make a NSFW defintion of 'Santorum' the top the Google result.

Wankpuffin 2020, here we come.

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