You can now get paid £50 per hour to watch TikTok DIY hack videos

You can now get paid £50 per hour to watch TikTok DIY hack videos

TikTok is home to an endless number of creative DIY hacks - ranging from the genius to the disastrous.

If you’re the kind of person who likes scrolling through these kinds of tips and tricks on a daily basis and judging their success... well, this gig will be up your street.

A company is now offering to pay someone a generous £50 per hour to watch and review this kind of content on TikTok for 10 hours a day. is looking for its first “TikTok Hack Reviewer” to watch popular DIY hack videos on the social media platform, as part of their content research for their website.

The company connects professional and hobbyist builders with materials suppliers and seeks to improve efficiency in the construction supply industry so it’s important for them to know what latest DIY hacks are bucking the trend. After compiling a list of the most popular videos with useful-looking hacks, the reviewer then reports these back to

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The successful candidate faces a long-shift at the TikTok coalface, so the position is best for those who never get tired of scrolling.

Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said: “We’ve all seen hacks online – especially DIY ones – that can be useful but on the other hand, ones that are not reliable at all and can result in disaster! This is a perfect way to use a fun platform like TikTok to further the Materials Market ethos and make the lives of DIY enthusiasts and wannabe home renovators a bit easier with our on-site guides.

“I am absolutely certain that this is going to be a dream job for many - since a lot of people tend to waste time on TikTok for free - so I recommend getting applications in as early as possible.”


The closing date is Wednesday 22nd December 2021 (so it’s better to get your applications in sooner rather than later).

TikTok and DIY enthusiasts can apply for the role here:

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