Marriage proposal goes brutally wrong thanks to security at baseball game

Marriage proposal goes brutally wrong thanks to security at baseball game
Rugby player feigns injury to surprise girlfriend with wedding proposal

One man's proposal went disastrously wrong after a member of security tackled him to the ground in front of thousands of Los Angeles Dodgers fans.

In footage that's gone viral across Twitter, the man can be seen down on one knee during LA's opening game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Mid-proposal, he is rudely interrupted by a member of security who launches himself onto the man, tackling him to the ground.

"Tbh all stadium proposals should be neutralized like this," one person joked, while another viewer added: "Perfect form tackle, 10/10 video, 0/10 proposal."

A third wrote: "I'm curious to know what her answer was."

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It appears as though match proposals are tarnished with bad luck.

In another unfortunate event last year, one man built up the courage to get down on one knee at an ice hockey game. Visibly stunned, the woman whispered something to him, before running up the stairs and leaving the man confused.

NHL journalist Dan Rosen spotted the excruciatingly awkward exchange and tweeted: "Kiss cam time and a guy takes off his shirt and written on his chest is "PLZ SAY YES YES YES." He gets down on one knee and proposes. Camera cuts away. But I could see them from the press box. The girl got up and left. She flat out left. And the Panthers scored. Can't make it up."

US TV host Keith Irizarry quipped: "I always feel like these must be staged. Who asks someone to marry them when they aren’t sure that person will actually say yes. That being said, if that was real: that was painful to watch."

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