Wedding blasted 'inconsiderate' after serving plate of leaves to vegan guests

Wedding blasted 'inconsiderate' after serving plate of leaves to vegan guests

Vegans in Scotland angered over 'ignorant' butcher's sign


Accommodating guests' dietary requirements can be stressful, but one wedding has sparked a furious debate after serving a "tragic" vegan option of leaves on a plate.

One wedding guest took to Twitter to showcase what one slammed as a "hate crime" against vegans. The plate was half-filled with rocket garnished with a pitiful glaze of balsamic and finished with three measly slices of melon.

She explained to indy100 that this was, in fact, the second course. The starter consisted of two tomato slices and the main dish was a single sweet potato.

Many were horrified by what appears to be a panicked afterthought. One slammed the dish as "absurd and rude", adding: "It almost feels deliberate - not cool and ZERO excuse."

Another criticised the lack of variety as a "tragedy" and shared their own ordeal: "I once received an entire head of broccoli as my vegetarian option. It's not ok lol."

The fury even spread onto the Reddit thread, Wedding Shamers, where one chef said: "That's not the couple, that's a poorly run kitchen. No self-respecting chef would serve this."

The wedding guest agreed, telling indy100 that the newlyweds weren't to blame as they had marked her down as vegan. She chose not to address the issue because "It was more on the caterer/venue side."

"I knew it was gonna happen because it always does," she said, adding that she ordered Uber Eats beforehand and ate while she got ready.

While proposing at someone else's wedding is one of the worst socially unacceptable moves, this could possibly justify vegans taking action:

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Riled up Twitter users turned to the platform to roast the "inexcusable meal."

Others highlighted that the struggle was shared and posted their own "vegan option" experiences at events and venues.

In other news, a Scottish butcher was branded a "psychopath" after their sign was slammed "vile and ignorant.

It read: "Every day, thousands of innocent plants are killed by vegetarians. Help end the violence. Eat meat."

The owner chalked it up as "banter", but vegans weren't having it.

Indy100 reached out to @nerdzrope for comment.

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