This is what it's really like to be a stripper

A still of Magic Mike featuring Channing Tatum
A still of Magic Mike featuring Channing Tatum
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Stripping is often surrounded by stigma and speculation.

It's also a pragmatic job that can get poor students cash fast; in fact, a survey found that over one-fifth of UK university students had considered sex work or stripping.

Now, an anonymous dancer, who also turned to dancing solely for the cash, has shared some stripping secrets in an Ask Me Anything Reddit thread.

It's not always some dirty secret.

Prostitution is more prevalent in the industry than you might think.

Sex sells.

When asked the most she has ever made in a week, she said:

Quick cash is a common reason for stripping.

Patrons can be creepy.

It can be best to just focus on the work.

The main requirement for the job is thick skin.

There is no one body type that will get you hired.

And her father is proud of her.

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