Wheel of Fortune contestants spent two infuriating minutes trying to solve this puzzle

Wheel of Fortune contestant misses out on prize over technicality

If you’re prone to tearing your hair out while watching telly, you might want to skip this episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Dubbed “the most infuriating 2:07 of your day” by Barstool Sports, a clip shows the gameshow contestants attempt to solve what appears to be a fairly obvious phrase.

“Another feather” followed by “_n” “yo_r” “_a_” was shown on the board.

Another feather in your what? Wheel of Fortune

Recalling the popular phrase linking feathers and headgear, contestant Laura confidently guessed: “Another feather in your hat”.

Close, but not exactly. Given she almost got it, would one of her rivals take advantage of her hint and guess the correct phrase?

No, sadly not.

Contestant Christopher guessed the letter “g”, but it didn’t light up on the board.

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Laura then had another go. Given how tantalisingly close she was before, would she get it a second time ‘round?

Reader, she did not. She guessed: “Another feather in your lap”.

Host Pat Sajak joked that “the feather is moving around” when it was revealed to be the wrong answer.

Alright. Let’s just be patient. Someone will get it soon, right?


Christopher then guessed the letter “d”, but nope.

And we’re back to Laura. Third time lucky.

What’s her guess? The letter “p”.

Now that the “p” in cap is lit up, surely she will get it this time?

“Another feather in your… map,” she guessed.

Excuse us? Screaming, crying, throwing up.

Just as viewers’ blood pressure was collectively set to go through the roof, contestant Thomas swooped in and put us all out of our misery.

Twitter found the clip hilarious, with one viewer calling it “the greatest moment in television history”.

Another said: “What a tremendous disappointment these players have been. They don’t get another feather in their laps, maps or hats!”

Journalist Ali Bradley said: “I needed a good laugh. Cap is off to these folks.”

In another clip shared to Twitter, Christopher guessed the phrase “barking hotdogs” for another answer. The blanks were: “B_r_ing _ _ t _ _ _ _ gs”.

It was revealed to be “barking watchdogs”.

One Twitter user quipped: “The episode that doesn’t stop giving”.

This isn't the first time Wheel of Fortune has grabbed headlines and raised viewers' eyebrows.

Viewers were up in arms about a woman losing out on a prize over a ridiculous technicality last December, while another made perhaps the worst guess in the show’s history.

Hilariously, during an episode last April, Sajak accidentally gave the answer away in the most subtle way.

Another contestant perhaps overshared,, and spoke of his “loveless marriage” during his introduction. Yikes.

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