Only Gen Z was able to spot this red flag in The White Lotus

Only Gen Z was able to spot this red flag in The White Lotus
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In the HBO Max series The White Lotus, there are many moments where there are tell-tale signs that something is wrong.

And Monday's (12 December) episode of the series is no different as Gen Z assistant Portia realised the red flags with her British boy toy, Jack.

In the episode, Portia (played by Haley Lu Richardson) had an epiphany about Jack when she tries to find him on social media.

In a scene set from the next day, Jack ( played by Leo Woodall) tells Portia: "I don't do that s–t."

Taken aback, Portia asked: "Not even Instagram?"

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Portia isn't alone in thinking Jack's "lack" of social media is suspicious.

One person on Twitter wrote: "SO interested in the (very small) field research I've done with British and American friends about whether jack from the white lotus was a red flag from the start. Americans seemed charmed. Brits were shouting RUN PORTIA immediately."

"Portia not being suspicious of jack until he says he doesn't have an Instagram is one of the funniest moments of white lotus," another quipped.

A third wrote: "The most accurate character on White Lotus is jack because it took around 48 hours for Portia to get the ick which is the average lifespan of the straight white male."

Although people find it untrustworthy for a potential romantic partner to not have social media, some appreciate an "offline" person or someone who doesn't care for social media and prefers privacy.

According to Clarissa Silva, a Behavioral Scientist, Relationship Coach, and Creator of Your Happiness Hypothesis Method, people live in an "immediate gratification culture."

But their needs aren't being met as we "scroll," skip and dismiss things.

"This cycle of frustration is leading to the 'offline boyfriend' trend and a greater focus on evaluating partners for more long-term compatibility and co-creation vs 'living for likes' or 'doing it for the gram,'" Silva said.

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