Man says he found out wife was cheating via Netflix account

Man says he found out wife was cheating via Netflix account

Sometimes the words Netflix and chill don’t always go together, as one husband apparently found out the hard way.

The man took to Reddit to share his story, explaining that he discovered his wife was cheating on him thanks to the streaming site.

In the post, the anonymous user shared a screen grab of a message he said he spotted on his account after his password was changed.

It appears that his wife and new boyfriend had changed the log-in details and, to add insult to injury, left a cruel message for him.

It reads: “Hi, guy f***ing your ex wife.”

In his post, the husband clarified that he and his (now former) partner were “not even divorced”, although he did refer to her as his “ex wife” (we can understand why).

The Redditor shared the message he’d received on his accountu/jakiwi3/Reddit

His personal revelation was met with outrage on the social media platform, as fellow Redditors attempted to console him and offer some advice.

“At least you won’t ever have to be around someone that toxic anymore,” one wrote. “Use this as a way to keep more of your stuff when you go to court (infidelity).”

Another commented: “That really goes to show how much she’s trying to affect you, she still wants your attention, no matter how toxic she is.”

And a third branded the scheming pair’s actions “hilariously petty”, observing that it was “definitely not [a] mature approach to handling conflict.”

Others wanted to know whether the original poster (OP) had managed to regain access to his Netflix account.

“Well, did you contact them to let them know that you didn‘t ask for the email address to be changed? That’s the first thing my petty a** would have done,” one wrote.

But the OP replied: “That’s easier said than done while separating marital wise. We talked about creating separate [accounts], credit cards etc.,” before adding that it was all “kind of a slap in the face.”

Another user advised him to report the account hijack to Netflix, writing: “Last I checked the guy isn’t your wife though so has no claim to the account. I’d solidly count it as fraudulent activity and report it to Netflix then cancel payment on the account.”

But he replied dejectedly that he was pretty sure the whole thing was orchestrated by his ex.

“I think it was my wife during Netflix and chill,” he said.

All we can say is, maybe it’s time to switch to Amazon Prime...

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