<p>The woman enlisted friends and family to help track down the hidden AirTag </p>

The woman enlisted friends and family to help track down the hidden AirTag


A woman on TikTok tore her car apart after receiving a mysterious Apple notification that she was being tracked by an AirTag - and people are freaked out.

Carlee Schram posted a video that shows her and others using flashlights to check around the car’s engine, underneath the car, and behind the license plate in search of the tag to disable it.

“P.O.V. You get a notification that you are being tracked by an Apple tag and have to find it to disable it,” the text-over screen said.


Update: We called the police and never found it. It says they are still watching out live location. 😳

Naturally, people found this frightening.

“This is so scary. Definitely seeing this happening to a lot of females on my for you page. Stay safe everyone, holiday season makes people do crazy things,” someone wrote.

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“What is going on?? This is the first time I’ve seen something like this on my for you page,” another added.

A third wrote: “Terrifying because I don’t even have an Apple phone (awful I know lmao), but I wouldn’t have a way to know… :(.”

An AirTag is a small,  lightweight, stainless steel disc that is used to track personal objects.

But they can also be misused and used to track someone without their knowledge or permission.

To combat this, Apple will send a notification to the nearest iPhone if an AirTag is away from its owner for too long - which is what appears to have happened in this instance.

Schram speculated that someone could have unlocked the car through one of her cracked windows and squirrelled it away somewhere - but for now, it’s a mystery.

After tearing the car apart, Schram says she has no idea where the tag could be located - or whether it’s even there at all.

Despite trying multiple apps and devices to try and find the tag, they’ve had no luck.

As the tag can only be disabled if it’s located, the live location of her car is still being sent to someone ... somewhere.

She added that the police were called, but was told thee was nothing that they could do.

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