Woman shares ‘cheating boyfriend’ story on TikTok – but all is not as it seems

Woman shares ‘cheating boyfriend’ story on TikTok – but all is not as it seems

Lying and cheating has become an increasingly risky game thanks to the intricacies of modern technology.

We’ve recently seen how a bizarre anomaly on Instagram or a poorly executed live photo can be enough to send a red flag of infidelity. And this week yet another TikTok user had another story to share about a sneaky, scheming boyfriend.

Posting a video to the platform with the caption “do I have dumb written on my forehead?”, user Megan-Marie said she’d texted her man to ask what he was doing, to which he replied: “Watching the Olympics with the boys, see you tomorrow.”

Included in his message was a photo of the scene around him, showing a TV screen displaying the Tokyo Games.

However, surrounding the television set was a series of clues suggesting he wasn’t watching it with “the boys” as he claimed.

Zooming in on the picture, Megan-Marie revealed what appeared to be a woman’s knee reflected in a mirrored cabinet, as well as what she clearly deemed to be tell-tale female signs: a book about Chanel and a large bouquet of pink and white flowers.

In the caption to her clip, she added the hashtags “ClearGenius” and “cheater” just to make her assessment of the situation clear.

Megan-Marie zoomed in on what she considered to be incriminating evidence@callhermeganmarie/TikTok

The video racked up more than 3.8 million views and 687,000 likes in just four days, as fellow TikTokers shared their outrage at the alleged deception.

“I can already hear the excuses,” one user commented.

“He really thought that would work too… who gave men the audacity to be so painfully unaware of themselves?” asked another.

“The pink flowers were sign one,” said a third. “What man would purchase let alone take care of a bouquet himself?”

Megan-Marie then replied by providing more details on the alleged offender: “Especially a finance bro,” she said.

Others attempted to offer him the benefit of the doubt, with one writing: “Just ask him whose house? Every single one of my boyfriend’s friends’ houses looks like this [because] they live with their girlfriend/wife.”

But most people weren’t convinced, and another addressed Megan-Marie directly, saying: “If you’re looking that hard for stuff then you already didn’t trust him.”

In a follow-up video, she showed that the image he sent was, in fact, a live photo. Playing the split-second clip, viewers could hear the indisputable voice of a woman.

This sparked further fury among her followers, with one writing: “Are you kidding? He didn’t even take the time to mute/turn off live.”

TikTokers were appalled by the apparent deception@callhermeganmarie/TikTok

However, three days after her video “blew up” Megan-Marie posted a new “story time” video, revealing the truth behind the scandal.

In it, she admitted that the man was not actually her boyfriend, but someone she had met on the dating app Hinge.

She explained that they had been texting for a while and things were going well so they made plans to meet up.

A day before her date, she messaged casually to ask what he was up to and whether he was watching the Olympics, which is when he responded with that now-notorious message.

Megan-Marie then told him “as a joke” to tell “the boys” that she “really lik[ed] her TV stand”.

He then replied: “Yeah, she said thanks.” So he made no secret of the fact he was with a woman at the time.

Megan-Marie confessed that the man wasn’t even her boyfriend@callhermeganmarie/TikTok

Continuing her story time, Megan-Marie said she realised their exchange had the potential to go viral on TikTok, so thought to herself “yeah, let’s go, let’s bring home the bacon”.

She posted her video to the platform and she and the man went out the following day as planned, joking about the story together and making more plans to see each other.

Concluding her explainer, Megan-Marie said: “So yeah, that’s what happened. He’s not a piece of trash like everyone is saying. It’s just funny.”

She added: “Glad this could bring you all a little bit of joy and distract you from your everyday lives. Follow me, bye!”

The video attracted plenty more views, with TikTokers divided in their response.

Some respected her for fessing up about what happened, while others expressed concern that she was choosing to ignore his red flags, and others simply wanted more details.

“This was the most honest story time I have ever seen,” one wrote.

“Thanks for being honest. Who was the girl?” asked another.

“One of his best friends,” Megan-Marie wrote. “It was actually two girls he was with, haha.”

“Sooo he wasn’t your boyfriend?” another clarified.

“I didn’t say he was hehe but *not my bf yet!” Megan-Marie responded.

Others argued that he had still lied to her about who he was with at the start, with a number suggesting that was “still a red flag.”

But when one suggested she “still wouldn’t have gone out with him, joke or not,” Megan-Marie defended him saying: “I mean, we hadn’t met at that point. He has girl friends and I have guy friends and that’s not going to change because of a Hinge date.”

In the end, the TikToker suggested that their romance had come to an end, and not because of another woman.

In a comment on a separate video she lamented: “I thought he was my soulmate but he stood me up to get more hours in the office.

“Corporate America stole my boyfriend.”

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