Woman’s missing daffodils discovered in fridge after husband thought they were spring onions

Daffodils blooming in a pot (iStock/PA)
Daffodils blooming in a pot (iStock/PA)

For some, there are certain signifiers of spring, and one of those is daffodils – a cheap and bright way to light up any home, especially during lockdown.

Helen Newman ordered a £3 bunch in her online Asda grocery shopping. When they did not appear, she thought nothing of it.

However, three days later, Helen’s husband Dave revealed that they had been delivered, but that he had stashed them away in the wrong spot.

Instead of in a vase, the yellow blooms were tucked away in the fridge – because he mistook them for spring onions.

Helen shared the funny domestic confusion on her Twitter page, and the tweet soon went viral, getting more than 87,000 likes.

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The tweet sparked a huge reaction – with even Specsavers joining in the fun.

Helen spoke to LadBible about the mixup. She said: “I never really thought much about it. These things happen and I know it’s not uncommon for online food delivery service orders to have things missing - no big deal.”

She added: “I guess it was an easy mistake to make.”

As it turns out, putting your flowers in the fridge is not a recipe for a disaster, anyway. Helen added: “They’re doing really well, starting to blossom now, so I think some time in the fridge did them a world of good.”

Asda also refunded her the money, and Specsavers sent her another bunch of flowers. So all’s well that ends well.

However, we do not recommend cooking with them.

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