Twitter/ @leagalicious

Twitter, it seems, will never stop highlighting the most disastrous of dating stories - it's one of reasons why we love it.

There's that guy who was harshly rejected for a witty PowerPoint of date ideas, and the woman who freaked men out by arriving for her dates in a wedding dress.

And don't get us started on the now infamous featuring the woman who got stuck in a window after trying to retrieve the poo she had thrown outside.

But there is one person who's managed to leap high above the disaster zone.

And she didn't even have to go on a date.

That's right, the guy Leagan was texting allegedly offered up his credit card details for "anything at all," so she ordered a bouncy castle.

He might not be happy with her spending choices, but everyone else can agree that her decision benefits humanity as a whole... Though the details of the open-invite party are still being ironed out.

Hope to see you all at the party.

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