You know in horror films when a character ignores all the warning signs...

Well, one Twitter user made such a mistake after purchasing a doll from an antique store that will literally send shivers down your spine.

Twitter user @NerdyVixen posted a picture of the doll, which is wearing a white dress, has an unusual face and buttons for eyes, saying she "decided to bring it home today".

Quite frankly, this seems like a terrible decision but here we are.

She even called the doll Abigail, which makes it sound a lot like the kind of doll that's possessed by a Victorian child, obviously this is handy because that's also exactly what the doll looks like.

Naturally, the internet totally freaked out. People just couldn't believe that this doll wasn't haunted, advising the woman to keep her lights on at night.

Some reactions even turned into some pretty creative (and scary) stories, making for a thrilling read. Let's just say, it's not like she wasn't warned.

There was only a very small amount who thought the doll looked "awesome", with someone even saying it had a "kind face".

Errm... we're not sure if we're looking at the same thing here.


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