Everyone has had a cringeworthy epiphany at least once in their lives – perhaps, something they did seven years ago that still makes them question what they were ever thinking.

Well, one TikTok user took it to the next level by faking her own kidnapping, aged 12, to make her boyfriend respond to her.

Naturally, she turned to the platform to share the hysterical moment.

Racking up an impressive 9.4 million views, Chiara Kellogg (@Chiarakellogg) reminisced on a time “When [she] faked [her] own kidnapping at age 12 so [her] boyfriend would answer [her] FaceTime.”

Chiara then revealed a photo of her 12-year-old self tied to a chair using a handbag strap and headband.

The viral clip was inundated with over 20,000 comments from users who found the ordeal hilarious.

“This looks like an episode from icarly,” one said, while another declared the TikToker a “f***ing icon.”


humbling #fyp #greenscreen

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Some were quick to joke about the backdrop giving the gaff away. One wittingly advised, “Purple walls ? should’ve went to the basement or garage lol”, while another added: “Omg the kidnapper had purple walls.”

Others, however, sarcastically claimed that the clip had been a source of inspiration. “Ok but did he answer asking for a friend,” one jested.

“This is something I’d do now,” another user added.

Chiara later followed up with a second clip to showcase the email conversation between the pair.

In the hysterical email exchange, she wrote: “If you ever wanna see her again... Answer my FaceTime later... Or else,” to which he responded: “Weirdo.”


Reply to @amanran69 #greenscreen #fyp my friend tied me to a chair and staged the hostage situation.. we FaceTimed later❤️

“What did you do to Chiara?” they quizzed.

“She’s tied to my chair...” 12-year-old Chiara added, to which he responded: “U are scaring me.”

Perhaps, don’t try this at home.

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