McKenzie Smalley was left shaken after a man in a car harassed her while she was out for a run.

Smalley, from Scottsdale Arizona recorded the incident on Snapchat, and then she shared the entire clip on Facebook.

She said that prior to the event, she had undergone being “whistled at and catcalled”, but she had never been followed until that day.

Smalley became frightened after the man ignored her pleas to leave her alone and continued to follow her. It quickly escalated when he made comments about her appearance. She told him multiple times to stop following her.

When that didn’t work, she turned to other cars and told them she “didn’t know” the man in the car, but nobody helped.

One car full of women even laughed at her.

Eventually she became frightened, and ran away from him.

She told Arizona Central that she did not report the incident to the police as her priority had been to get away from him. In hindsight she admits it may have been better to do so, her worry being the man could harassed other women.

Smalley urges women to support one another and come to each other’s aid in such times.

When you see something like this happening please DO SOMETHING. Girls, let’s watch out for each other. Don’t be the girls that just drove away and laughed. Be the girls that stop it.

And to men, she said:

Men, just because you aren’t touching her you can still harass a woman by your actions and words. 

Men, Don’t be this guy.

The video had been watched thousands of times.

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