Woman flashing boobs on Google Maps Street View goes viral

Woman flashing boobs on Google Maps Street View goes viral

Google Street View has captured some weird but wonderful sights over the years – and now the attention has been turned to one woman in Liverpool who opted for an X-rated pose.

Believed to have been taken in the Dingle area of the city, one eagle-eyed reader spotted the woman flashing her boobs to the passing Google Street car and flagged it to the local newspaper.

One shot showed three women giggling outside a garden fence, waiting for the perfect opportunity to catch the Google camera off guard. In another, you can see a woman wearing a grey jumpsuit on the far-left, pointing to the flasher who was standing in the garden – which has been pixelated for obvious reasons.

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<p>One woman was caught flashing on Google Maps Street View </p>Google Maps

Google cars use innovative 360-degree cameras that drive along routes across the world to create its Google Maps Street View, which they regularly update. While impressive, it has certainly picked up some questionable shots along the way and unsurprisingly, there’s an entire Reddit forum dedicated to the sort.

Staying on the subject of Liverpool, a casual arrest was caught on camera and posted to the forum.

Google Maps/Reddit

In another part of the world, a man was candidly caught reading in his underwear in public.

Google Maps

Another off-guard snap showed a dog... Doing what dogs do.

Google Maps

And of course, how could we forget about the man in Wyoming who was caught ‘doing a poo.’

Posted to Reddit, a woman and child were captured standing close to a car which a man is squatting on top of. The hilarious caption read: “Aww no, Daddy’s doing doo-doo on the car roof again.”

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