Woman reveals gas man sent her creepy text before waiting outside her house in disturbing TikTok

Woman reveals gas man sent her creepy text before waiting outside her house in disturbing TikTok

A woman shared how she was left feeling creeped out after a gas man gave her his number and then proceeded to loiter outside her house for an hour in the hopes of being asked back inside.

TikToker Emily (@frecklesemx) recorded the strange series of events that began when the gas man handed her a piece of paper with his number on it (pictured in the first clip) after he completed his routine checks on her boiler.

“So, the gas man gave me his number today and I decided to text it to see what he would say,” Emily explained in the on-screen captions.

Next, a screenshot of a text conversation between Emily and the gas man appears, where the TikToker wrote to him: “Hey Ed, thanks for giving me your number, and thanks for being sweet. Emily x.”

“No problem, you’re welcome,” the gas man replied. “If you don’t mind me saying but you are gorgeous and I don’t understand how you’re not taken.”

The TikTok then cuts to a clip Emily has taken that shows the gas man is still parked outside her front door as the text exchange is happening, with Emily captioning the clip: “Why is he not driving off?”

Emily then replied to the gas man’s text: “Omg that’s so sweet esp [especially] since I’m in my pjs hahah.”

Things soon escalated as the TikToker described in the caption how the gas man was “ready to risk it all” when he then told her how her PJs had “turned him on.”

After this message, Emily checks outside once more, only to find the gas man has not moved from the front of her house, as she records him while he appears to be checking his phone for messages.

“Hahaha oh lord,” Emily writes in response, as the gas man tells her “Sorry, just be honest lol.”

Emily said “fair play” to him for being honest, he then proceeded to reply: “Well like I said I’m on call this weekend. So if you have any problems give a shout and I’ll be the one coming??”

When the TikToker stopped replying, he then added: “I can come back in as I’m just sat outside, waiting to finish before moving on to my next job. Rather that texting [each] other??”

Once more, Emily looks out of her front window and finds again that the gas man is still outside her door as the on-screen caption reads: “HE HAS BEEN WAITING OUTSIDE FOR AN HOUR HELP!”

Since posting about her experience, the video has received 1.1m views, with 53,000 likes.

In a follow-up video, Emily revealed the gas man had heard about the viral TikTok and sent her a text requesting her to take down the video.

“Can you please delete your TikTok that you posted of me sat outside yours,” he wrote. “I could lose my job and now looking at this it does come across creepy. I’m sorry if I offended you in anyway.”

Initially, Emily decided to follow his wishes and said would delete the video but after learning that the gas man actually has a girlfriend, she instead kept the video up on her page.

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