TikToker Goes Viral For Sharing Her Dating Trick
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A woman has shared how a guy she matched with asked a very direct question about what she wanted to name their first child - only for him to ghost her when she gave a quirky response.

Emily Forney (@EmilyKaitlinnn) shared her dating anecdote on Twitter where she explained that a man on a dating app asked her what they should name their first child as his intro message, and it's fair to say he was not prepared for what name Forney was going to throw into the ring.

It turns out Forney's baby name was decided all the way back in the fifth grade when she lost a bet to her best friend Hannah. The condition of losing meant that she has to name her first-born child "Megatron" - like the antagonist in the American sci-fi film franchise Transformers.

It seems the guy didn't see the funny side to this, nor was he a fan of the name as Forney detailed how he then ghosted her by not responding to the answer and unmatching with her.

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Detailing the story in a tweet, she wrote: "I was on a dating app and a guy jokingly wrote 'what should we name our first child?' as his intro message and I had to tell him that in fifth grade I lost a bet to my best friend Hannah and have to without question name my first born child Megatron and then the man unmatched me."

Since sharing her ghosting story, Forney's tweet has received over 526,000 likes, 27,400 retweets, along with thousands of comments from people who loved the name and thought the guy in question needed to lighten up.

In an unexpected twist, rapper Nicki Minaj chimed in, giving the name her stamp of approval as she has a song out called MEGATRON, which she released back in 2019 and she told Forney: "His loss. What a dope name."

Another person was reminded of the Family Guyepisode (season 12, episode four) titled A Fistful of Meg where Peter Griffin changes the name on Meg's birth certificate from "Megan" to "Megatron."

Some people comforted Forney by telling her that the reason the guy unmatched with her is because her response was funnier than his introductory message.

While others said they too were a fan of the name Megatron along with Forney's sense of humour, and also cracked some Transformers-based jokes in the process.

Perhaps this viral moment could buck a baby name trend and cause Megatron to rise up the rankings?

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