Woman calls out critics after getting backlash for wearing gym clothes to a supermarket

When needing to pick up a few food essentials from the supermarket, many of us will be sporting different outfits depending on the occasion - whether that be nipping out in our pyjamas for a pint of milk or picking up dinner in fitness clothes after a gym workout.

But one personal trainer has been met with backlash over her outfit choice after she filmed herself grocery shopping in her gym wear - though she has since hit back at the critics.

TikTok user Sophie Allen (@sopheallen) appeared to be wearing a black sports crop top/bra along with workout leggings as she shopped in the supermarket aisle. Her video included a text overlay that read: “The hate you get being a female wearing a crop top in the supermarket just hits diff [different].”

Since sharing about her experience in the supermarket store, Allen’s TikTok has received 1.8m views, nearly 175,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who weren’t shy in voicing their opinions.

Allen was met with dozens of negative comments that slammed her over the outfit she was wearing.

One person wrote: “That not a crop top though, that’s a sports bra. That’s like a guy walking in the store saying the hate you get wearing just briefs in a store [sic].”

“Lol, yes there are basic dress standards even for you which includes wearing a shirt,” another person said.

Someone else added: “It might be because you’re treating a public space like a private space. Have respect for other people when you’re out. It’s not all about you.

“How do woman feel comfortable with exposing every single thing about their body I don’t get it,” a fourth person replied.

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Despite the negative comments, Allen wasn’t going to let critics bring her down and in a follow-up video posted the same clip of her shopping in her gym clothes at the supermarket but added a different text overlay.


Y’all are savage 🔥 let a girl shop post gym & create content sheeesh

She wrote: “I take it back ... if you want to feel attacked - film yourself anywhere, ever, and carry a gym bag to the supermarket.”

Allen also added in the caption: “Y’all are savage let a girl shop post-gym & create content sheeesh.”

Her response was met with a number of positive and support messages, telling her the TikToker she can wear what she wants, and some said they too wear gym clothes while doing the food shop.

One person wrote: “Hey You’ve worked hard, it’s ok to show what you’ve accomplished!! Don’t let it bother you what other people think or say. They’re just jealous!”

“What is the big deal. She is proud of the hard work she puts in. Stop shaming women. Go girl,” another person said.

Someone else added: “I work at a gym. You best believe I’m going in looking like this on lunch breaks and my way home.”

“I started doing this and oh I couldn’t give any less fs about how the ppl around me feel, sh*t is freeing,” a fourth person replied.

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