Creepy moment woman is asked if she is in 'high school' during gym session

Creepy moment woman is asked if she is in 'high school' during gym session
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The creepy moment a man asked a woman in the gym if she was in high school has gone viral.

Men being weird with women in gyms is always a big source of controversy online, with female influencers saying it is the “'biggest problem women face” when working out.

The latest incident took place in Twitch stars Knut and Mizkif’s Iron Forge gym, which opened in January 2024 as a streamer-friendly destination.

It occurred on 9 February when one of the gym patrons attempted to flirt with the girlfriend of a streamer and asked her if she was in high school.

A Twitch streamer named Russel was working out at the gym with his girlfriend, Luna, on the leg press machine, when a man working out nearby began to talk with her.

The man asked Luna if she was in high school, with Luna responding saying she was actually in college. She informed the man she was working out with her boyfriend and that they were currently live-streaming.

The guy responded: “Stop lying. Stop lying to me.”

Russel chimed in, telling the guy: “What you mean, dog? I’m sexy as f**k. That’s my girl, man. You’ve got to get your game up, you could get one, too dog.”

Russel - Weird guy ask if Luna is in high

The incident became a back-and-forth between Russel and the guy, with Luna telling the anonymous man he was making her feel “uncomfortable”.

It went viral on Reddit, with people calling out the guy and suggesting he wasn’t there to work out at all.

One person commented: “Dude is ‘working out’ in jeans and slides and was staring at Luna and Russel for a min before saying anything. Def a weirdo.”

“Dude is straight up just staring at her while pretending to do his own workout, what a f**king weirdo,” another said.

Someone else added: “Something ain't right about that guy… hope he’s banned for life.”

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