Moment woman reacts to ring pop proposal

Proposals are the most memorable moment for any couple and often a lot of timing and planning goes into the occasion.

But things didn't exactly go to plan for one couple when the woman unwittingly walked away while her boyfriend was about to pop the question because she wanted to see if the waiter snapping photos of them managed to get the right angles.

Monica and Andrew (@couplecam) were at a restaurant when they got a waiter to take some pictures of them as the two were dressed up.

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In the video, Monica wore a black cut-out maxi dress that had a stylish slit up the leg while Andrew sported a white and grey unbuttoned polo with black jeans.

Little did Monica know, the pair were dressed for an occasion as Andrew had the engagement ring box by his side before holding it up and opening it to reveal the rock.

During this seven-second clip, an oblivious Monica at the same time began to walk toward the camera to check out the photos that had been taken.

She can be heard saying she "needed flash" for the photos, to which her boyfriend quipped: "Is that flashy?" in reference to the ring which he held up again, though Monica still seemed clueless as to what was going on.

"POV: You just wanted a fit pic and boyfriend tries to propose, but you need to check the waiter's angles," the on-screen caption read.

While it appeared Monica was apologetic about interrupting the big moment as she wrote in the caption: "IM SO SORRY LMAOOOO."



Since sharing the hilarious clip, the couple's video has received 4.1m views, over 454,000 likes along with lots of comments from people who found the video entertaining.

One person said: "This is like the equivalent of when I try to say something in a group convo and no one hears me."

"Imagine he fumbled n didn’t go through with it and she just sees this in her Live Photo," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "THE LINE WAS SO SMOOTH TOO."

"Best proposal line ever," a fourth person commented.

While a fifth person asked: "Were you already drinking before this?"

"Heavily," the TikToker replied.

After the confusion, it appears the couple managed to get engaged in the end as Monica displays her sparkly ring in a follow-up TikTok.

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