Woman’s £10 henna chest tattoo from music festival fails to fade

Woman’s £10 henna chest tattoo from music festival fails to fade

A henna tattoo that one woman originally got as a joke was no longer a laughing matter after the design failed to fade.

TikToker Emily Cook (@emilycook..01) attended Leeds Festival back in August when she decided to share her love and pay tribute to British rapper Stormzy by forking out £10 to get “I love Stormzy” written in big block capital across her chest.

Explaining her tattoo trouble, the first clip showed a photo of Emily smiling away in a green bikini top as she got the henna applied to her chest.

She added text to accompany the video which read: “When it’s only a tenner for a henna tattoo and it’s not showing signs of fading.”


It’s a funny story to explain #leedsfestival #leedsfest #stormzy #henna #regrets #thatwasaregret

The TikTok then cut to Emily in a vest top where you could clearly see the henna remain as she hilariously mouths a popular TikTok sound from Toby off of Love Island saying: “I don’t want to live life with regrets, but you know what? This is a regret.”

Since sharing her henna mishap, Emily’s video has received nearly 300,000 views and almost 20,000 likes.

In the comments sections, people were on hand with their tips for the TikToker on how to remove the henna.

One person wrote: “If you want to get it off use lemon juice.”

“Henna itself comes off after time, but it’s common that I hear people talking about henna TATTOOS staying perm [permenant],” another person said.

Someone else added: “Soak in a hot bath, sit in it for ages, got mine off at Boardmasters.”

“‘Why have you been wearing turtleneck jumpers for the last 3 months,’” a fourth person joked.

It seems Emily was not alone in her error of judgement as someone also said: “Omg I got it done by the same lady and it looked horrific.”

Though going off of the TikToker’s latest posts after sharing her hilarious henna story, Emily appeared to finally remove the Stormzy tribute from her chest.


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