Concerns raised for woman yelling about being 'trafficked' during viral plane rant

Concerns raised for woman yelling about being 'trafficked' during viral plane rant

Concerns were raised after a now-deleted video resurfaced on TikTok that shows a woman on a flight claiming she was being human trafficked.

In the initial clip, posted by user @phillypolish and now reshared by viewers who managed to save the footage, the woman can be seen standing in the middle of the plane aisle repeatedly saying she is being trafficked.

"'They're trying to put stuff on me. Get off. Get the f*** off. Get off please," she shouts, as staff members try to calm her down.

"'This is going to go on TikTok so I look crazy, but I am being human trafficked," she alleged once more.

"'If they have your family hostage don't believe it, they use f***ing emotional manipulation, this is not REAL," the woman says before screaming "No!"

The original account has since been deleted from TikTok, but worried users have since shared their concerns.

"Where is this we need more info if this is true she needs help," one person said, while another added: "I have so many questions."

The incident was rumoured to have been on a Southwest flight. Indy100 has reached out for comment.


deleted post from 11/13 phillypolish

It comes after Tiffany Gomas revealed what she really saw onboard a flight earlier this year when she claimed "that motherf***er is not real."

In a recent podcast appearance, she underwhelmingly confessed she saw "nothing".

"It was not my best moment … it was actually a horrible moment. Absolutely mortifying. How horribly mortifying," she said.

When asked who, or what, she saw on that flight, she underwhelmingly told the hosts, she saw nothing.

"I literally did not see anything," she said. "It was an expression of speech."

"They’re making me look bat s***. And given, I did, I did look absolutely crazy but, no — I was in my feels, needed to get that off that, I was highly distressed. Not a good look," she continued.

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