This woman was rejected from a job interview with a savage emoji message


Applying for a part-time job when you’re a teenager is pretty stressful.

Your parents are bugging you to get out of the house, you don’t have any experience yet, and really you just want to hang with your mates.

But then you actually get an interview, and you go and try to make the best impression you possibly can in the hopes that you'll get it.

And then you get a rejection text with a Laughing Crying Face emoji, calling you 'basic'.

That’s what happened to 18-year-old Megan Dixon, who went for a job at a new Miller and Carter steakhouse in Leicestershire.

Just after leaving her interview, she received the following texts:

She told The Sun:

At the end of the interview, I asked when I would hear back. She told me it was never more than a few days and she had my email. But I got the texts a few seconds after leaving.

I was shocked. The least she should have given me was some proper feedback. And the laughing face emoji was so unprofessional.

A spokeswoman for Miller and Carter said:

We can’t apologise enough to Megan.

It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.

It’s quite clearly a mistake, and a case of ‘sending the text to the person the text was about’.

But still, it’s not a nice thing to receive.

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