Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Image
Photo by Stephen Chernin/Getty Image

Parents are, by nature of their existence, embarrassing, confusing creatures best left to their own devices.

The problem, of course, is when they get loose on smartphones and social media. Then they become utter menaces.

'Unspirational' Instagram account YourShittyFamily has been cataloguing the most baffling messages sent by parental units to their offspring for more than a year now. And without further ado - because we know you know how it feels to get one of these - we present some of our favourites:

1. To kick things off, we start with too much information. Way too much information:

2. Apparently sharing food with the young is not a tradition in this family...

3. You don't know the colour of your son's eyes?

4. Or his name, for that matter...?

5. The sarcasm is strong in this one...

6. Mum doesn't quite understand how emojis work

7. Neither does this mum...

8. Maybe the neck is a tad inappropriate, dad...

9. This is why you don't have your family on Facebook:

10. The struggle is REAL:

11. Grandma!

12. When the phone doesn't want to let you text:

13. Well that escalated quickly...

14. Definitely not a brownie mum. Or chocolate mousse, or brown paint for that matter...

15. Is the "eyes" cream delicious, mothership?

16. Have phone: will disinherit.

17. "Why is my internet usage bill so expens-oh, porn."

18. On "flique" anyone?

19. ...what?

And there you have it. Immediately confiscate all telephone devices from parents, for their own safety, and your sanity.

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