Woman accused of 'ruining' husband's 'dream' for refusing to host Christmas

<p>Interior shot of warm and cozy scandinavian home decorated for Christmas celebration.</p>

Interior shot of warm and cozy scandinavian home decorated for Christmas celebration.

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What would the holidays be if not for a little family drama?

A woman took to the popular Reddit forum AITA, also known as Am I the A****** to detail her frustration with her husband. Redditor @throwaway25th22 explained that her husband and his family “have always loved Christmas and everything even remotely related to it,” whereas she doesn’t “really care.”

This typically leads to the couple spending Christmas with his family which she says is always fun since they share the same love for the holiday. But now things have taken a turn as her husband now wants his wife to host next year’s festivities, and that means she’ll have to do all the work to make it happen.

“The problem is that now my husband said that he wants us to host Christmas at our house the next year and I was like ‘Ok sure’ until he clarified he meant that I had to host it prepare the dinner and do all the grunt work,” the Reddit user wrote.

She explained further: “Now I have no idea what goes into Christmas. My family is from a different religion and my childhood only consists of me and my dad so holidays have never been a huge deal for me. I don’t know how to do all the stuff required.”

Unfortunately for them both, the husband spoke too soon and told his family that they’d be hosting Christmas, which the wife didn’t exactly appreciate.

“So I told him clearly that it’s not my responsibility to host Christmas for your family since I don’t really care one way or another but now he is accusing me of ruining his lifelong wish and he ended up telling his mother about it so now my MIL and SILs [mother-in-law and sisters-in-law] are blowing up my phone by saying why am I being such a ‘grinch’.”

“He has been sulking ever since we came back last night,” she added, explaining that she refuses to change her stance.

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In the comments, people defended the wife’s right to shut down the dinner plans. Many took the position that if he wants to host the dinner, he can do all the work instead of placing that burden on his wife.

“NTA. Why can't he do the work? What are you, his employee?” one person wrote.

“NTA. Also, I feel like if you ‘suck it up’ and do it ‘this one time,’ it'll turn into ‘but you hosted last year, surely you can do it again!’ & it'll spiral from there. I vote that you stand firm on your stance. If hubby wants to host so badly, tell him he can do all the cooking and grunt work,” another person said.

One commented: “NTA. If you refused then though he was doing all the work, then sure. But volunteering you for a stressful job without asking or helping isn't cool. He can step up if he wants this dream so bad.”

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