Job-hunting woman accidentally sends period-tracking data to 60 different employers

Job-hunting woman accidentally sends period-tracking data to 60 different employers
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Many of us have experienced rejection from a job we applied to, which can be frustrating if it's something we really want.

But one woman's inability to get called in for an interview at roughly 60 companies happened to be her fault - after she accidentally sent her period-tracking data to them instead of a resume.

First reported in the Daily Star, Ashleigh Keenan, a 23-year-old accounts manager from Dublin, took to her Twitter to speak about the funny mishap that happened to her when she was in her late teens applying for job openings.

"I will never forget applying for jobs when I was 17 for months and never hearing anything back only to realise about 60 applications later I was attaching my period tracker and not my CV," she captioned her tweet.

The tweet, which has been liked more than 49,000 times, had many people in the comments amused, with some people reminiscing on their own mistakes when it came to applications.

"Me except I was accidentally putting the wrong [Social Security Number] on every app," they wrote.

"I once attached the bass tablature for Bach's cello suite no. 1 instead of my CV. Never heard back. I just assumed they thought I was over qualified," another added.

Someone else who claimed to be a recruiter stressed the importance of checking over attachments and said he received things like "nudes" and "travel documents.

"As a recruiter, I cannot stress to the general public to please check your attachments. I've had everything from nudes, travel documents and even a death certificate," he wrote.

Even sanitary pad companies Tampax and Always chimed in on the discourse, saying they would hire her.

Check out other reactions to the job blunder below:

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