Woman shamed for 'distracting' breasts says diner 'prejudiced against big naturals'

Woman shamed for 'distracting' breasts says diner 'prejudiced against big naturals'
Woman says she was shamed by fellow mums for looking too ‘nice’ ...

A woman has claimed she was shamed by a fellow restaurant-goer - for her “distracting” breasts.

In a viral tweet, Adrienne Airhart explained that she was out at dinner celebrating her birthday when her breasts were commented on by a female diner at a neighbouring table who later moved seats.

Airhart posted about what happened, writing: “Tonight at my birthday dinner I took off my shawl and the lady at the next table said, “well those are distracting” and moved tables. Still got it!*

“*prejudice against big naturals.”

The tweet has been liked over 34,000 times. The LA-based podcaster also posted a video of herself at the table with a dessert that had a sparkler in it for her birthday.

Captioning the clip, she joked: “This was me last night. I’m not even that hot the lady was just a hater.

“(Though her date did talk to me when she went to the bathroom…you can hear him).”

Despite the light-hearted tone, many have taken the prejudice against the woman very seriously and have also shared their own experiences of prejudice for their large breasts.

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One person wrote: “I’ll never forget when I was on work experience at 15 years old and the lady I was ‘working’ for wrote in my evaluation that I dressed inappropriately.

“I didn’t, I was wearing exactly what they had told me to wear. I simply had breasts.”

Someone else wrote: “Literally i would wear a t shirt and leggings to school (same as half the hs population) and people would say i was dressed inappropriately bc i’m not stick shaped. like okay??”

Others congratulated Airhart for her ability to make someone feel so uncomfortable they moved seats.

A Twitter user responded: “Wow, she had to physically leave your presence???? Well done!”

Elsewhere, one woman started a mass brawl after intentionally flashing a crowd at a sporting event.

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