I filmed my boyfriend's mom sneaking into my bedroom while I slept
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A video has gone viral of two women coming clean about something they have hidden from the other friend, and while one answer was pretty tame, another confession left viewers gobsmacked.

TikToker Ray Bayne (@raybayne) described the scenario as "probably the most brutal interview yet," and he wasn't kidding since we potentially may have witnessed the end of a friendship on camera.

"I stole her earrings when she was in 6th grade," the woman on the left admitted, and caused her friend to gasp in shock as she asked: "That was you?!"

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"I couldn't keep them though, I gave them to my cousin," the woman added.

After this confession, the content creator then asked the other woman: "What's something you've done she [her friend] doesn't know about?"

And no one was prepared for her brutal answer...

"I f***** your boyfriend two years ago," the other woman bluntly told her friend, who appeared to be in shock along with their third pal whose jaw dropped in reaction to the news.

"Is that why you guys broke up?" the third friend asked the woman.

Confused at the news, the woman then asked her mate why she slept with her boyfriend and then asked Bayne to "go away," understandably reeling from what she just learned and wanting privacy after her friend dropped that bombshell.


Dude what just happened 💀 #streetinterviews #fyp

"Dude what just happened," the caption read, and the interaction has since gone viral. It's received over 15.7m views, 2.3m likes, along with over 14,000 comments from people who couldn't quite believe what they had just watched.

One person said: "Uhhhh she didn’t understand the assignment…"

"That escalated quickly hahahah," another person said.

Someone else added: "We went from 6th grade earrings straight to the boyfriend real quick."

"We just witnessed the end of a friendship," a fourth person replied.

The video soon made its way onto Twitter, where the clip also went viral with 4m views and 214,000 likes, as the person who reposted it tweeted: "My MOUTH DROPPED" in reaction to the confession.

Of course, new viewers were equally taken aback at the clip and responded with some hilarious reactions to the drama.

While viewers have demanded a part two to find out what happened next, there isn't a follow-up video on Bayne's TikTok, so we may never know if the two women managed to mend their friendship...

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