Woman tries to out stripper’s career to her mother but it majorly backfires

Woman tries to out stripper’s career to her mother but it majorly backfires

A woman’s attempt to out a stripper to her mother has majorly backfired.

Posting on TikTok, Alaska told a story about a time when messages she received from one of her mum’s colleagues, threatening to tell her about her job, led to the woman getting into a bit of a sticky situation.

“Does your mom know [you’re] a stripper!!! Lol. Lol,” the message read.

“I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I ask about your stripper career.”

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She then screenshotted the message and posted it to Twitter with the caption: “Tell me why my mom’s coworker DM’ed me this. Miss how would HR feel about this one?”

Then, she quote tweeted the original tweet, adding, “update, she’s getting fired.”


In a follow up video, Alaska showed screenshots showing that she had replied to the message saying: “She knows because she’s accepting and loves her kids no matter what. How will your HR department feel about this?”

The co-worker replied: “Oh she knows!! Bwahahaha that’s even better. Thank you for that.”

Reacting to the tale, people thought the way she handled the situation was spot on and didn’t exactly feel sorry for the woman who appeared to have been fired.

“Ask her if her mom knows she’s unemployed,” one wrote.

“Normalize putting people in their place & giving them the consequence they deserve,” another said.And a third wrote: “I love seeing people get what they deserve.”

We bet she wished she had never got involved.

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