Woman gives ‘yassified’ explainer on Russia-Ukraine war

Woman gives ‘yassified’ explainer on Russia-Ukraine war
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One woman on TikTok gave her followers a "yassified" explainer on the complexities of the Russia-Ukraine war - and her fans loved it.

For many people, international politics can be confusing and difficult to understand. Although many people do their best to stay informed on important topics, it can be difficult for them to grasp the entirety of the concept by simply doing their own research.

Moreover, due to social media activism becoming more and more prevalent, many people online feel the need to stay vocal and educated about worldwide topics, but don't know where to start.

Having news and politics explained in a digestible way is key, which is exactly what TikTok user @nikitadumptruck set out to do.

In her video, Nikita starts off by saying, "I know a lot of my girlies are probably worried there's going to be a World War III so let me explain to you for us."

"Let's start with NATO," she continues, "NATO is a group of besties made up of countries whose philosophy is 'if you go to war with one of us you go to war with all of us.'"

"Ukraine wants to be a part of this group but Russia is like, 'No no no, no ex-girl of mine will hang out with these toxic a*s bit*ches."


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The TikToker continues to insert humorous dialogue in her video such as saying that by the US imposing sanctions on Russia they are essentially saying: "Russia, if you continue to gaslight and gatekeep like this, we're going to kick you out of the worldwide banking system."

She clarified her intentions in a comment, "Also this isn’t meant to be a joke, just a way to inform as the news can get intimidating. Link in my bio for my sources/more reading."

"War has been yassified," one person commented to which the original poster responded, "Lmaooo if that’s what it takes to spread awareness."

"If she can deliver info like she’s gossiping? She knows the situation backwards and forwards," another said, praising the video.

Nikita responded, "Thank you ✨ I really did so much research/fact-checking just to yassify it."

In response to one comment saying she explained the conflict "better than any news anchor," she said: "The news often has to take into account so many viewpoints that the main messaging can get lost."

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