Joe Biden gets pooed on by bird during speech

A woman has remembered the time she accidentally showed her date a picture of her poo and we are struggling to think of anything worse.

Posting on TikTok, the woman shared a video of her looking shocked with dramatic music playing in the background. Overlaying text read:

"When I went on a first date to a bar and was trying to find a pic of my vax card but landed on a pic of a massive s**t I had taken earlier that day and showed both the bouncer and my date."

In the comment she added: "The bouncer looked super confused until I realised and my date never said anything."

Reacting to her terrible tale, people were shocked:

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"Girl i would have literally sprinted away i don’t think you understand," one person wrote.

"New fear unlocked," another said.

And a third joked: "I guess it was a pretty s**t day."


#arbysdiablodare #fyp #foryoupage

However all is well that ends well. In the comments, the woman revealed that her and her date "actually ended up going out several more times".

So they at least made it to their turd date... We'll see ourselves out.

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