Women get tattoos of their father’s touching final words before he died from Covid

Women get tattoos of their father’s touching final words before he died from Covid
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Two women on TikTok tattooed their father's sentimental last message that he wrote down before he passed away from Covid-19.

Anna Harp, who goes by @fairyonthepraire on the platform, posted a video sharing the memory of her father.

"My dad passed away due to Covid five months ago, and he left a note for us on his hospital bed," the text over-screen reads.

And the note read as follows: "It has been such a good life."

Check out the full video here.

Harp got the tattoo on her right thigh, adorned with black ink flowers, while her sister (whose name isn't mentioned) got their father's exact handwriting from the note tattooed on the inside of her upper arm in red ink.

Showing another photo of her father smiling and posing with his birthday cake, the caption on the screen read: "Life is so empty without his smile, his humor, and the love he projected onto others.

"I'm so thankful he was my dad. He will forever be missed," she continued.

People in the comments were overcome with emotion at the touching and heartbreaking message that her father wrote, and how Harp and her sister are keeping his memory alive in their hearts - and on their skin!

"I am so sorry. I am hysterically crying. This is so touching. I am so happy he had such a wonderful life," someone wrote.

"Not me sobbing before my meeting with my CEO. The fact that he let you know. This is all I want my family to ever know. I tell them constantly," another person said,

A third wrote: "This is so beautiful! What a great dad to leave you with that message."

Responding to onlookers' responses about the tribute, Harp took to her comments to thank everyone, saying, "I've spent all day crying over these comments, guys! Thank you so much for all of the love you are sending our way. It's so appreciated!”

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