7 pictures of world leaders and their adorable pet dogs

7 pictures of world leaders and their adorable pet dogs
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During a recent meet and greet with Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou, French President Emmanuel Macron’s spotlight was completely stolen by his new dog.

Nemo, a Labrador-griffin cross, is named after the captain in Jules Verne's science fiction classic, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

He's between one and two years old, and was adopted by Macron and his wife last weekend.

And Nemo just couldn’t keep away from the camera.

Here he is:

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Ludovic Marin

And here he is again, making sure he's in the photo:

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Ludovic Marin

And getting very excited by his owner's political ongoings:

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Ludovic Marin

But Macron isn't the only world leader to melt hearts with his puppy love.

The Obama's also have two dogs, Bo and Sunny.

And judging by this photo, they're not particularly accustomed to being taken for a walk.

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Yuri Gripas

Although, Obama wasn't the only American president to have dogs.

President Bush had his beloved Scottish Terrier, Barney.

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Saul Loeb

And across the pond, Russia's President Putin also has two dog, Buffy and Yume.

Buffy, his Bulgarian shepard, was gited to Putin by Bulgaria's Boyko Borisov, while Japan's prime minister Yoshihiko Noda gave Putin Yume as a present.

Picture:Picture: AFP/Getty / Alexsey Druginyn

Picture: Picture: Getty / Alexsey Druginyn

Even world leaders need good doggos.

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