Strongest Pokemon in lore

A YouTuber has ranked his top five Pokémon that he would want to eat - and exactly how he would cook them, in a viral video.

Josh Scherer, a creator for Mythical Kitchen, posted a 'short' on Mythical Kitchen's YouTube channel poking fun at some Pokémon for how delectable they seem.

In the nearly one-minute long video, Scherer explained how he would like to cook and eat the Pokémon of his choosing.

At number five, Scherer said he'd like to cook Bellsprout by stuffing his mouth with ricotta cheese and parmesan, fry him, and "serve him on a platter of confit cherry tomatoes."

Ranking Exeggcute at number four, the YouTuber explained since it is "mostly just eggs but a little bit mean" he would like to make "a mean mug and egg frittata" or "a quiche lor-exeggcute."

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At number three, Scherer said he could make 80 to 90 tongue tacos with Lickitung's very long tongue.

Surprisingly, at number two the Mythical Kitchen creator said he would take FarFetch'd and make a "lovely Thai duck noodle soup" because he comes with his own aromatics.

Finally, Scherer said the number one Pokémon he would cook is Snorlax because he has a lot of tenderloin fat which he could roast over charcoal and dip in sesame oil.

Commenters found the silly video very funny and agreed that while it was horrifying imagining Pokémon being cooked and eaten, he had made some good points about cooking.

"Gives a new meaning to " Poké Bowl", Gotta eat 'em all!," a commenter wrote on YouTube.

"Fun fact: Canonically in Pokemon Farfetch'd were almost hunted to extinction because they are known to be very tasty when cooked with their leeks," another commenter said.

With over two million views on YouTube and Instagram combined, Scherer attracted enough attention to make a part two and three to his Pokémon he'd like to eat series.

Scherer is part of Mythical Kitchen which is a branch of popular YouTubers Rhett and Link's Mythical Entertainment company. Each week he and his co-creators make videos trying to create foods from fictional worlds or create new foods.

With the announcement of the newest Pokémon, Lechonk, we're wondering how Scherer would cook and eat him.

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