The most beautiful jewels to gift your beloved this holiday

We’re knee-deep in holiday gift shopping here at Wishlist, and now it’s time to show off our personal favorite category: Jewelry.

Below you’ll find pieces that are bold and delicate, trendy and classic, and stunning but non-traditional. We have compiled a multitude of jaw-droppers that will wow whatever type of wearer you’re shopping for, and they‘ll do so for under $1000–most well under, and one under $100!

Keep scrolling to see which piece you should tuck under the tree this year, and be prepared for the showering of kisses and praise to come when your loved one opens their new favorite piece of jewelry this Christmas.

Engravable Square Locket Rope Necklace

It’s gorgeous, timeless, and can be engraved with a special message up to 30 characters in a variety of fonts! Buy this locket for the modern romantic who loves understated luxury.


Holy Trinity Choker by Coutorture

Speaking personally as someone who owns Coutorture earrings, the incredible pieces you’ll find through this independent designer are the most stunning out there, period.

They’re shiny, surprisingly lightweight considering their ornate appearance, and they have a rare form that utilizes skulls, wings, gems, heart shapes, and immaculate detailing to create jewelry that is at once regal, bold, punk as Hell, and perfect for the wearer with a personality to match. Bonus: No two pieces are identical due to their hand-crafted nature!

Browse the site to find similar pieces in gold and pink gold, as well. They’re sure to please any partner who thinks they already have it all.


Mazarine Morganite and Quartz Earrings

These unusual earrings combine conventional jewel cuts into an unexpected arrangement, making for a beautiful surprise this holiday. Citrine, amethyst, and topaz options are also available for a gorgeous array of choices fit for any unique wearer.

Brilliant Earth

Honey Ring

Anyone with even a passing interest in bees will adore this precious vermeil signet featuring a small oval with a teensy honey maker on its face. Browse Mejuri’s affordable stackable rings to embellish this beauty more and make it a complete set!


Bezel Set Garnet Trio Cluster Stud Earrings in Silver

Simple, affordable, and sure to last a lifetime, these are amazing daily wear earrings for anyone who wants a delicate sparkly, but never something gaudy. They’re available in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, too, so click through to see the varying prices that accompany each option.


Bike Lock ID Bracelet

An ID bracelet that’s sturdy, shiny, and perfectly in step with the chunky chain trend is a great idea for anyone who loves a bold statement piece. A top reviewer who received it as a gift says:

“It is better even than it looks in the photos. Weighty. Just the right size to be classy with being ostentatious.”


Tourmaline in Quartz Ring

This is another piece featuring details that feel fresh, modern, and unlike any other you’re likely to find in a traditional jewelry store.

Alexis Russell

Ready to Ship Death Wish Butterfly Necklace

The return of the butterfly as a trendy motif on everything wearable is here, and this necklace displays it in one of our favorite current ways. Give this to a picky teen or 20-something in your life who loves looking fashionable but has outgrown their mall costume jewelry.

Souvenir Jewelry

Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace

This minimalist dream piece combines the elegance of pearls with a touch of sparkle from the alternating blue topaz stones on a silver chain. If you need further proof of its beauty, peruse the 26 reviews that rave about its beautiful simplicity and luminescence.

Blue Nile

Paloma Picasso® Olive Leaf Pearl Heart Bracelet

A little blue box always drives ‘em crazy, so give them one containing a sophisticated bracelet designed by Paloma Picasso featuring freshwater cultured pearls and sterling silver olive leaves.


Lab-Created Emerald and White Lab-Created Sapphire Pendant, Ring and Earrings in Silver and 14K Gold Over Silver

Why choose a single piece of jewelry when you can gift your loved one the whole set? These dainty emeralds with white sapphire, silver, and gold accents are perfect for holding special holiday memories close every time they’re worn.


Raven Talon Rosecut Garnet

Machinations makes some of our favorite local jewelry in the New York area, but the appeal of these pieces stretches far and wide to include anyone with even an inkling of an interest in historical context or rustic beauty.

“As a talking bird,” Machinations write of the piece, “the raven also represents prophecy and insight. Ravens in stories often act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits.” Garnets represent love, loyalty, and commitment, so buy this for someone you want to keep around long-term who deserves your undying devotion–and a little spoiling.

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