10 best Mother’s Day cards to tell Mom you love her this year

10 best Mother’s Day cards to tell Mom you love her this year
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We’ve already suggested several gifts for Mother’s Day, upcoming soon on May 9th, but no gift is complete without a beautiful card to go with it.

Check out some of the cutest, sweetest, and funniest we found this year and treat your mom to a wonderful time on her special day.

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Lovepop Mother's Day Flower Bouquet

Every mom loves a bouquet, so why not get her one that lasts forever? The artists at Lovepop continue to create some of the most creative, visually stunning work in the greeting card industry, so naturally they’ll appear on this list more than once starting with this pop-up bouquet.

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Lovepop Cherry Blossom Bouquet

We actually couldn’t choose between the splendor of the bouquet above and this one, so check out both and pick your favorite for Mom’s big day.


Sorry About Your Other Children Mother's Day Card

If your relationship with your mom is less precious and more sarcastic, this is the card to give her. While the outside is hilarious, the inside is blank so you’ll have plenty of room to write something heartfelt and sentimental after she gets a kick out of the initial message.

Untamed Go Shop

Moira Schitt’s Creek Mothers Day card

Another funny option for the Schitt’s Creek fan mom is this Moira Rose-adorned card. The legendary Mom character’s face graces the front with a cheeky greeting, and the inside can arrive blank or personalized based on your preference.

Haven P Co

Hallmark Funny Mother's Day Card for Mom (Snoopy and Woodstock, Mini Cards Inside)

Considering their historic run as beloved cartoon icons since their introduction in 1947, it’s likely your mom (and even grandma) have some fun memories tied to the Peanuts characters. Celebrate those ties with a cute, modern card that combines several tiny cards into one, all featuring the adorable characters and phrases that let your mom know how much you love her.


Big Dot of Happiness Colorful Floral Happy Mother's Day - We Love Mom Giant Greeting Card - Big Shaped Jumborific Card - 16.5 x 22 inches

If a small card doesn’t convey the amount of love you want your mom to feel on May 9th, get her this gigantic card that combines colorful graphics, a heartfelt message, and plenty of space for a full family of people to write out their well wishes.

Big Dot Of Happiness

Mama Bear Mother's Day Card

Nothing conveys the warmth and love between mother and child quite as well as this cute, snuggly card featuring a mama bear carrying around her little cub. It’s blank inside, so form your own message of love and appreciation with the space.

Paper Source

Mother’s Day Birdhouse 3D card

It may look like a simple pink card on the outside, but open it up and see a magnificent birdhouse spring to life with this stunning card, another from our favorites in the game, Lovepop.


Hallmark Like Mother, Like Daughter Mother's Day Card

Hallmark keeps it sweet and simple with the inner message, “I hope I always show the world the same strength and love you’ve given me.” Watch her try not to cry when she opens it.


Avanti Press Corgi Dog Mom Jeans Funny Mother's Day Card

If sentimental isn’t your style, you can’t go wrong or get any funnier than a Corgi butt in jeans. Combined with the inner messages that riffs on “good genes,” it’s a guaranteed smile on mom’s big day.

Avanti Press
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