18 best online thrift stores to shop for secondhand deals delivered to you

Best online thrift stores to shop for secondhand deals delivered to you

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Thanks to trendsetters on TikTok and Instagram, thrifting is cooler than ever. Between the singularity of the pieces you’ll often find, the sustainability of buying secondhand, and the slashed price points on most pieces–even luxury–it’s a fantastic way to fill your closet with pre-loved pieces that have personality and panache in spades.

You don’t always have time to go digging through the racks at your local Goodwill though, so we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to find vintage clothes and accessories online that you can have delivered straight to your door.

Whether it’s a luxe new handbag or cool vintage rocker tees you’re in search of, try one of the sites or apps below to find your next favorite thrifted piece, and maybe sell some of your own while you’re at it!

Depop, depop.com

Depop is a convenient site and app that lets you browse for anything your heart desires, including everything from high-end designer clothes and accessories to housewares and seasonal decor. It’s easy to type in fun search parameters like “Y2K trend” or “Alexander McQueen,” then you can sort by price, best fit, condition, color, and more. If you’re wary of dropping a lot of cash on something pricy, check here to see if your item can be authenticated.

Depop Depop

ThredUP, thredup.com

ThredUP’s mission statement makes it clear they’re a company all about sustainability and amazing deals, and their service takes away the hours-long digging sessions you might otherwise have to do in order to find a gently used, discounted piece in a thrift store. Their “About” page has great statistics on the waste we produce through clothing manufacturing for those curious, and their easy-to-navigate site makes it simple to shop and sell according to your personal needs.

Mercari, mercari.com

Mercari works very similarly to Depop in that its a shared marketplace where you can buy and sell your items, haggle on prices, refine your searches to specific designers or styles, and narrow down your searches when supplementing your wardrobe or home goods collection. The interface on the app is very intuitive, as well, making the browsing experience that much more enjoyable.

Poshmark, poshmark.com

Yet another user-driven buying and selling experience, Poshmark is the place to go if what you seek is luxury or high-end, and you’ll get free authentication with any purchase over $500. Users create their own “closet” where they can list their own goods while looking through others’, and it’s not uncommon for some closet owners to offer bundling discounts wherein you save when you buy more. Plus you can always make an offer on something that catches your eye, and you might just get lucky.

ASOS Marketplace, marketplace.asos.com

Here at Wishlist, we love ASOS as much as anyone for amazing deals on stylish duds but did you know they also peddle some of the coolest vintage around? Check out marketplace for a wide swath of boutiques where you can find affordable, snazzy pieces that you can’t find elsewhere.

eBay, ebay.com

You can truly purchase anything on eBay, but those looking for a great deal on specific vintage or second-hand items will have a field day with the multitude of items available. While many users offer up a “Buy Now” option, don’t neglect the bidding wars on more competitive pieces–sometimes it’s fun to fight it out with other passionate buyers looking to score their dream item for the lowest cost possible.

The Real Real, therealreal.com

This one’s all about luxury, so click through if it’s a top-notch bag you seek or perhaps a designer dress for a special occasion. Like Poshmark, The RealReal offers authentication on big-ticket items, and the curated selections by the team behind the site are classy, on trend, and offer suggestions you may not have otherwise considered. It’s like shopping straight from the pages of a glossy fashion mag.

The Real Real The Real Real

Urban Renewal, urbanoutfitters.com/vintage

We frequently feature the amazing looks over at Urban Outfitters in our write-ups on fashion, but did you know the site has a vintage side as well? You can browse vintage jeans, shorts, tops, accessories, and more, and most pieces are one of a kind so you won’t look like everyone else while wearing them.

Etsy, etsy.com

Known for its plethora of independent artisans and crafters, Etsy is also a thriving online hotspot for vintage dealers who uniquely curated shops, many era or style-specific. Whether it’s retro 1970s recreations and originals you seek or a Club Kid furry trench coat on your shopping list, search to your heart’s content with any number of specific keywords and you’ll find pages on pages of pieces to fit your aesthetic. We love the “favorite shops” function that lets you keep up to date with the folks whose taste aligns with our own best, so you’ll never miss it when they add precious items to their stock.

Tradesy, tradesy.com

Great for buyers and sellers, Tradesy offers such benefits as free shipping kits when you list your items with them, help from a real team of workers, hassle-free shipping and returns, and a flat commission so you’re not stuck forking over half your earnings. For buyers, it’s a dream to browse their top-quality sections and especially helpful for brides on a budget–you can even narrow your wedding gown searches down to the designer!

Rebag, rebag.com

Designer handbags, even secondhand, hold a ton of value that not everyone knows about or fully appreciates. Invest in a decent one and take care of it, and you’re almost guaranteeing yourself a profit in the future. The folks at Rebag know this and bring you the best customer service and authentication before the bags even go up. Find your dream satchel at steeply discounted prices and carry with confidence.

Gucci purse on Rebag Gucci/Rebag

Vestiaire Collective, vestiairecollective.com

Rather than just offering up the goods, Vestiaire Collective provides suggestions in their listsings alongside news items that help keep you up to date with the world of fashion. 3,000 hand-selected designer items are added to the selling lineup each day, so you can trust they’ve been curated well and maintain their structural integrity and value.

1stDibs, 1stdibs.com

Most folks think more of interior design pieces when considering 1stDibs, but don’t neglect their impeccable collection of fashionable items from houses like Chanel, Celine, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and more. Where else can you add a Picasso to your shopping basket alongside a Hermes bag and have it all delivered to your doorstep?

Patagonia Worn Wear, wornwear.patagonia.com

Outdoorsy types and casual comfort lovers rejoice: Beloved brand Patagonia has its very own satellite operation which acts as “a set of tools to help our customers partner with Patagonia to take mutual responsibility to extend the life of the products Patagonia makes and customers purchase.” In simpler words, you’re buying repurposed and remade clothes that look and feel great and are kinder to the planet.

Out & Back, outandbackoutdoor.com

For those who love the great outdoors, Out & Back is the perfect place to buy and sell your favorite clothing, accessories, gear, and more, all catered to the most casual and experienced explorers. They offer a quality guarantee and 30-day return policy so you're never stuck with a lackluster product, and they curate products from across the web so you're shopping multiple sites at once, all in one stop.

Marmot Featherless HoodieOut & Back

Awoke Vintage, awokevintage.com/online

One of Brooklyn’s most loved vintage stores is Awoke, a carefully chosen collection of trendy vintage and deadstock pieces that will help you look like the coolest girl in NYC with the help of a great pair of Levi’s and some choice accessories. You’ll have to fight the other It Gals for the best pieces as they go up online, so keep up with them on Instagram so you never miss the gems–they sell via the app, too!

Treasures Of NYC, treasuresofnewyorkcity.com

One click through to the main page and you’ll see all the hottest items up for grabs like vintage Dior sunglasses, Louis Vuitton lock charms, and Versace studded swimsuits, just to name a few current treasures. This site is for anyone who wants to strike the elusive balance between effortless glam and perfectly put together, plus has the budget to do so.

Swap.com, swap.com/

Affordable pricing, hassle-free shipping, and hand-inspected quality are all promises you’ll get from Swap when you sign up for their secondhand and consignment purchases. The site is well-curated and divided into sections and subsections, including such specifics as “new with tags,” and orders over $75 ship for free.


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