Here's everything Theresa May revealed in today's interview on Brexit

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On Sunday, prime minister Theresa May appeared on The Andrew Marr Show, and then on Sky News for an interview with Sophie Ridge.

Having given little away on Marr, the Ridge interview held expectations that some light may be shed on Brexit plans.

The referendum vote took place in June 2016, and Theresa May has been prime minister since July.

Her announcements on Brexit thus far have been criticised for being vague.

Her responses have ranged from...

Brexit means Brexit.

I’m interested in all these terms that have been identified – hard Brexit, soft Brexit, black Brexit, white Brexit, grey Brexit – and actually what we should be looking for is a red, white and blue Brexit.

After an initial flurry of announcements, such as promises to reduce immigration and creating a department for exiting the European Union, very little extra detail come to the fore.

Many questions remain: Will Britain pay remain a member of the European single market? Will Brits living in Europe lose their citizenship rights? Will European immigrants living in the UK be allowed to remain after Brexit?

Ridge began the piece with a pre-recorded segment filmed in Boston, Lincolnshire, an area with one of the highest Leave votes in the country.

The issue of immigration, which dominated the campaign, also dominated the coverage, and it was in these circumstances that Ridge opened the interview.

Here's everything May revealed about her plans for Brexit today:
































To be fair, Theresa May has always said she will not reveal her hand to the public prior to negotiations.

But this will do little to calm a public that just lost the foremost ambassador to Brussels, who resigned citing a lack of direction.

The commentariat's initial reactions were largely summed up as follows:


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