Daily Mail columnist brands Adele ‘a musical Meghan Markle’ with ‘fake misery’ and a ‘vacuous’ life

Daily Mail columnist brands Adele ‘a musical Meghan Markle’ with ‘fake misery’ and a ‘vacuous’ life

Janet Street-Porter has written a column for MailOnline in which she compares Adele and Meghan Markle following the singer’s “gushing” interviews ahead of the release of her new album.

The Loose Women panellist’s article, published last night, discusses how the 33-year-old singer has evolved since she first appeared on our tellies and radios with hits such as Chasing Pavements.

The 74-year-old broadcaster complained about Adele’s “fake misery”, “the gushing tears on tap”, and the “vacuousness” of her new life in California.

At the end of the piece, she asked if we can “tell the difference” between Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex and Adele.

Street-Porter’s column follows Adele’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in which she candidly discussed her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, her relationship with her family, and her weight loss. Adele’s interview was filmed in the same location as Prince Harry and Meghan’s bombshell interview earlier this year with the broadcasting great.

The interview was part of a two-hour special which included a live concert with a star-studded audience including the likes of Lizzo, Gordon Ramsay and James Corden.

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Street-Porter said that, during Adele’s early career, she was “adorable, brash, loud, madly enthusiastic”.

She wore plain black smock dresses, Street-Porter said, whereas now she makes appearances clad in what the writer branded as “Marvel comic warrior” garb.

Street-Porter even went as far as to compare the Easy on Me singer to an “ad for Sofa World” after she was papped wearing a leather ensemble at an NBA game last month.

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles LakersAdele at an NBA game in October with partner Rich Paul Getty Images

But Street-Porter’s main apparent gripe with the London musician is that “the more she gushes, the less I love her”.

She made the point that she’s a big fan of legends such as Betty Carter, Nina Simone and Annie Ross, but never felt the desire to know every detail of their lives. Instead of explicitly giving listeners an insight into what was going on between their ears, “their songs did the talking”, she said.

She wrote: “Can you any longer tell the difference between Meghan Markle and Adele Adkins?

“Both had difficult relationships with their fathers and worship their mothers. Both felt that Oprah was the best person to share their ‘truths’ with.

“Do we need to know any of this in order to love her music? Less is more when it comes to Adele.”

Some commenters on MailOnline agreed with Street-Porter. The top comment, with over 6,000 likes, reads: “Adele needs to stick to music and stop the incessant whining and wokery. It's got really boring now.”

Another comment, branding Adele a “stereotypical diva”, has received almost 3,000 likes.

However not everyone was on board with Street-Porter’s opinion on Adele.

Posting on Twitter, one user asked for other similarities between Adele and Meghan, beyond being “strong, independent women with a voice”.

Adele’s new album, 30, will drop on Friday to much fanfare.

In the lead-up to the album’s release Adele has appeared in the press several times. She participated in Vogue’s well-known 73 Questions series as well as giving an interview to the fashion magazine. 

There’s been light-hearted news around the singer, too. She made headlines after rejecting a collaboration with Peppa Pig, got rinsed for her methods of making a brew, and during a performance of Hello, Oprah was caught failing to lip sync in a hilarious viral video.

Perhaps our favourite Adele moment in recent days was when a couple got engaged during the Adele One Night Only concert. 

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